Frequently Asked Questions

All Colgate® Max Toothpastes

Are all Colgate® Max toothpastes gluten free?
Good news! We certify that all Colgate® Max toothpastes are gluten free.

Does Colgate® Max toothpaste contain any animal-by-products? Is it kosher certified?
In no way does it contain animal by-products. Sorry, it’s not kosher certified.

Are Colgate® Max toothpastes sugar free?
Yep, all Colgate® Max toothpastes are sugar free.

Colgate® Max Fresh® with Mini Breath Strips Toothpaste

What is the Colgate® Max Fresh® with mini breath strips formula?
Max Fresh® with mini breath strips is a patented formula that delivers an extra rush of freshness every time you brush.

Do the breath strips dissolve as you brush?
Yes! The breath strips are specially formulated to stay intact in the toothpaste, but they dissolve as you brush.

What flavors are available?
Cool Mint and Clean Mint. You can’t go wrong either way!

Colgate® Max Fresh® Shockwave Toothpaste

What makes Colgate® Max Fresh® Shockwave toothpaste so shocking?
Max Fresh® Shockwave® is a fluoride toothpaste formulated with powerful micro-cooling beads that deliver an exhilarating cool burn to keep your breath fresh for hours.

Do the micro-cooling beads dissolve as you brush?
The micro-cooling beads are formulated to stay intact in the toothpaste, but they dissolve as you brush.

How fresh will my mouth feel after brushing with Colgate® Max Fresh® Shockwave?
Your mouth will feel mind-blowingly fresh after using Max Fresh® Shockwave. You’re welcome.

Do the micro-cooling beads include microplastics?
No and in fact all Colgate® Max toothpastes are micro plastic free.

Colgate® Max Fresh® Knockout Toothpaste

What is the Colgate® Max Fresh® Knockout Toothpaste formula?
Max Fresh® Knockout is uniquely formulated with odor neutralizing technology to help destroy nasty odors and fight lingering food aftertastes* 

*based on in-­vitro odor reduction results and descriptive sensory panel analysis following brushing teeth and tongue

Does Colgate® Max Fresh® Knockout provide cavity protection?
Colgate® Max Fresh® Knockout not only keeps your breath fresh for hours but also fights cavities and whitens teeth to help with the overall health of your mouth—now, that’s something to smile about.

Colgate® Max Clean SmartFoam® Toothpaste

What is the Colgate® Max Clean® SmartFoam® with Whitening formula?
Ok, but only because you asked nicely. Colgate® Max Clean® formula is packed with 30% more foam, * cleaning tough to reach spaces while giving you a rush of clean! It also whitens your teeth and freshens your breath. It comes in two flavors: Effervescent Mint® and Spearmint Blast®

*vs. a leading fluoride toothpaste

How does Max Clean® SmartFoam® work?
Through the magic of science. But seriously, Colgate® Max Clean® SmartFoam® bursts into foam as you brush to penetrate between teeth and around gums -- helping to remove germs that cause bad breath, even in tough to reach spaces.

What other benefits does Max Clean® SmartFoam® offer for healthy teeth?
You want more? You got it. Max Clean® SmartFoam® also provides everyday cavity protection while freshening your breath and whitening your teeth.

Colgate® Max White® Toothpaste

What is in the Max White® formula that makes my teeth white?
Max White® formula contains a high-cleaning silica ingredient that delivers whitening benefits by removing surface stains.

What other benefits does Max White® offer for healthy teeth?
Glad you asked. Max White® provides everyday cavity protection while freshening your breath and whitening your teeth.