Frequently Asked Questions

How do whitening cups work?

Whitening cups work in two ways: (1) they hold toothpaste as you brush (2) they help effectively remove surface stains for a naturally whiter smile. 

How does the cheek & tongue cleaner work?

The Colgate® 360°® cheek & tongue cleaner was designed to effectively remove odor-causing bacteria while you brush.

How do Floss-Tip1 bristles work?

Floss-tip bristles have tapered tips that that are slimmer than ordinary end rounded bristles. Toothbrushes designed with these bristles gently reach 1.5X deeper between teeth and 4X deeper along the gum line, as compared to flat trim toothbrush with end-rounded bristles.

1This brush does not replace flossing.


Is there a Colgate® 360°® toothbrush for sensitive teeth? 

Yes, Colgate® 360°® Enamel Health Sensitive is designed with 48% Softer Bristles2 for sensitive teeth and gums.

2 Vs. and ordinary soft manual toothbrush.